What is Coloc

Coloc, the abbreviation of “colocation/collocation”, refers to a roommate or a resident of the same space. We want to create a co-living apartment with spaces for privacy, yet at the same time a natural home for people to mingle with others.

Coloc is a co-living and co-working space for all contemporary life-goers. Under our motto of "Play, Live, Work", Coloc pursues the harmonic and enjoyable lifestyle with excellent work-life balance. We anticipate multiple lucky breaks from living together and working together in an integrated complex. Coloc supports those with new ideas, movers, and challengers who are ready to share themselves for better life together. Enjoy!


The increase in the number of one-person households and the burden of housing expenses are becoming a global issue. Also, the growing significance of one-person households targeted market implies that the issue should be addressed at the national level.
According to statistics, 50% of the millennial generation households will have to rent to live in the city. Living as a one-person household, not only will they be lacking time and money, but also suffer from the increased consumption.
Therefore, we aim to create a co-living apartment exclusively for one-person households, in which the residents can enjoy a higher level of lifestyle than before. We do not seek to renovate existing buildings, but plan to design and construct a building from the beginning, and lay out spaces and programs accordingly in consideration of the blockchain system.

Life in Coloc World

Living in Coloc means to share with each other to create a culture together.

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The living, working and other public spaces of Coloc ensure the privacy of the individuals and provide free environment for sharing and cooperation.


Improving the QoL by supplying the necessities (wifi, cleaning, laundry, necessaries purchasing agent), and providing additional components for a more bountiful life (workouts, hobby, and networking activities) to offer something more than just the basic necessities
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Providing various bountiful activities (social networking, sharing hobbies, and network-based businesses) to seek invigoration of various communities.


Aims to provide global network partnerships with co-living and co-working networks of the world to offer the chance to live as a Digital Nomad.


Coloc is an integrated co-living apartment complex composed of private rooms and co-working areas including public and shared spaces for entertainments and other activities in one building.
The residential space of Coloc prioritizes the individual privacy and considers the diversity of personal living pattern. The working space in Coloc maximizes the value of individual brands and supports them to work together in a collaborative environment.
Other public spaces are utilized for productive activities, relaxation, networking and other purposes for creative people who are interested and capable in various fields.


Coloc is in cooperative relationships with specialized companies via preferred partnership in fields of housing culture, architecture, blockchain, smart home, retail brands and others, in order to actualize Coloc program. We are also considering partnerships with co-living and co-working brands overseas to expand the brand and to build a global network, and are pursuing partnerships through various channels to enhance the value of Coloc membership as well. We are more than welcome to collaborate and have partnership with creative groups over the world.