Coloc Team

With 17 years of experience in the real estate and residential development market, our team has a better understanding of the market than anyone else. We are equipped with the worldwide network based on promotion and collaboration of real estate development projects in not only Korea, but also in Asia and Europe. Also, our history of corporate and product branding (CI, BI) related to living services including fashion, F&B, and residential products based on the previous works of Design Network, our parent company, acts as a valuable asset in the expansion of Coloc.
In January 2018 our team founded BHOM LAB, a global joint venture specializing in blockchain-based residential development, with ‘Radroach Soft’, a blockchain developer start-up, and French blockchain specialists, and is currently working on the development of the prototype and commercialization of the project.

Planning Korea co.

Planning Korea is a specialized Creative PM company in Urban Planning and Architecture. Creative PM (Creative Project Management) is an integrated product development & marketing system for a new value creation.